Planet Woking

Planet Woking is an initiative by Woking Borough Council set up to raise awareness and promote local participation in the ecological future of the borough. The Council had previously committed to fighting climate change and had set out their bold vision in the Woking 2050 – A Vision for a Sustainable Borough strategy document. Air Social was brought on board to deliver this project to the people of Woking and to make sure it had the desired impact. We were involved in the project from its infancy and guided it through to its launch, and continue to manage it as the initiative grows in popularity and attracts continued public interest.

The project was Woking-focused which gave us our target audience in short and simple terms, but how we communicated and engaged with them would be another challenge. We needed to create an engaging brand and a website that this brand could call home. Throughout our campaigns, we would need to concentrate on building a dense database of resident’s email addresses, a captive audience who would want to be kept up to date with future news – an incredibly valuable source for Planet Woking that needed nurturing.

The design process

We started by developing the logo and brand identity. We settled on a simple, craft-inspired look with neutral green tones that encapsulated the “eco-feel”. We then branched out from here and injected some brighter colours for the “Little Planet Woking” side-arm of the brand that would appeal more to children. Further to this, we expanded the branding into some custom animations that could be used on the website and in social postings and injected some fun and creativity into the project.



To compliment the website, we wrote up a content-rich social media plan to make sure that during the first weeks of the launch, there would be relevant, eye-catching content going out on all channels. We delivered a successful project launch with an engaging brand identity and a powerful website that Planet Woking could call home.