The Phoenix Group

We find that so many websites fail to clearly define their company’s service offering. The Phoenix Group was having this problem and so contacted Air Social to help them refine their existing branding and modify their website to create a clearer user journey for their customers.

As a company, they offered two distinct service areas (Technology and Communications) targeted at different audiences. From a first look at their old website, this was not clear, there was no distinction between the parts, and this led to a confusing user experience for potential and existing customers. This in turn had a negative impact on customer conversion and bounce rate.

The current branding was also confusing to customers who were initally directed to the main site – Phoenix Technology. Air Social’s task was to solve the solution and come up with an overaching brand name and clearly show the division into sub-brands.


The design process

We identified the need for a parent-brand identity, and so we set about creating two distinct brands that offered a unifying structure and feel whilst allowing for a clear differentiation between the company branches. Rather than completely starting from scratch Air Social instead created a development plan to implement the improvements within the existing website structure. We duplicated their existing website into a development environment to test and refine the new site direction. With feedback and revisions, this was gradually built out into the final website design.

The website was now divided into three sections; The main global business, and the two distinct services (Communications and Technologies). Use of brand colours provides the main differentiator between the sections.The results were terrific and led to a improved user journey and a much clearer brand identity. Air Social took this one step further and applied it to The Phoenix Group’s social media output to tie together all of their online presence under one unifying identity.