Ontic is a major player in the aeronautical industry but relatively unheard of in your average household, nor do they need to be because the average household doesn’t need to buy aircraft parts! 

Our brief was twofold; first, we had to target key industry decision-makers, keeping Ontic at the front of their minds and making sure the company was a talking point during industry expos and important events. Second, we needed to make the social media pages work almost like an internal notice board for the company. 

Normally companies without a public appeal don’t bother with their social media because it’s not of any use to them in selling their products or services; however, this was not the case with Ontic. We decided together to run a company Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn page to highlight the company’s charity efforts, the contributions that employees made to these charity events and to celebrate company achievements or seasonal goings-ons in Ontic offices. When creating content for these pages, we kept in mind that they were for the eyes of employees; however, they could always be stumbled upon my potential decision-makers, so it was imperative the content remained professional.

The Approach

The aeronautical industry lives for the industry events that take place across the globe. We made sure that our digital marketing strategy kept this in mind, gearing up our ad campaigns during these important times and also posting organic content more regularly around these dates as it was the most likely time for the social media pages to experience growth in traffic.