Transform Homecare

One of the reasons we love digital marketing here at Air Social is because it is so versatile; it can be used across all manner of industries to achieve a variety of goals. Our work with Transform Homecare is a prime example of how we have applied some of the core concepts of digital marketing to recruitment in the care industry.

Transform was struggling to recruit employees quickly enough to support its growing client numbers and so we suggested a targeted digital marketing strategy that would attract people with the right credentials to apply for their increasing portfolio of job vacancies.

The campaign

We created a dedicated landing page on the Transform Homecare website to direct job enquiries and then, working across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn social media platforms, as well as Google, we directed different digital content and advertisements to those looking for work in the care sector, targeting those with the specific credentials required to meet certain job specifications. 

The campaign generated between 50 and 100 enquiries per month and, within six months of bringing Air Social on board, Transform had filled all 25 of its vacant carer roles.

Not only did this lead-generation strategy drive enquiries across multiple platforms, leading to numerous successful job placements, but it also built a GDPR-compliant database of potential candidates to help Transform fill future vacancies. It also saved the company multiple man-hours, as well as thousands of pounds in recruitment fees.

Transform was so impressed with the quick results of the recruitment campaign that it extended Air Social’s appointment to use a similar approach, this time targeting the families of older people who might be in need of its care services.