Zenia Homes

Zenia Homes, a Spanish property company for UK ex-pats, found marketing success in their placement of adverts during the commercial break of the TV programme A Place in the Sun. A classic story of a relevant, captive audience being capitalised on. However Zenia Homes needed a digital marketing campaign to build upon this success and to complement their TV efforts, and with changes to the production schedule of A Place in the Sun, they needed alternative opportunities to continue to generate a high volume of enquiries for its overseas properties in Spain.

Air Social was tasked with positioning Zenia Homes on social media as the number one property agent for UK buyers looking at entering the Spanish property market. During our discovery session, something we do for all of our clients, we identified an active Facebook audience that would fit one of the many overseas property buyer profiles. We identified an audience of around 290,000 people who would be suitable to target, thus making sure we didn’t spread out net too far and generate poor quality leads or spend money where it wasn’t necessary to do so. 

The Process

Finding quality leads was more crucial than ever due to the fact Zenia invested a substantial amount in nurturing them by offering subsidised viewing trips to Spain. By applying intelligent targeting, we managed to replicate Zenia’s television success on the digital ecosphere and build a home for the company on social media.

When a television spot aired, it was essential that interested viewers who decided to conduct further research found that the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages helped them along the journey to conversion. The tone of voice had to match as well as the overall messaging. Customer confidence had to be maintained at all times, and Air Social’s social media managers made sure that any follower comments were addressed promptly and that the pages acted as a living entity and didn’t lie stagnant and unmanned, as is seen so often with company pages.