Woking Works

Woking Works exists to support Woking’s flourishing business community by offering support, events and advice to its growing membership base. It also plays hosts to Woking’s premier business directory. 

Woking Works approached us with a problem, they’d been let down by their previous agency, and their social presence was in a mess. The first step was to overhaul the website completely. Our designers got to work and created new branding that gave Woking Works a more professional and respectable look. We took this branding and applied it to the front end social content that we’d started to produce in order to give a slick, unified feel to their output. Within a month, our teams had managed to redesign their website and breathed life into their online presence. Of course, the website didn’t just look pretty, it was also fully optimised for search engines and easily navigable.

Woking Works wanted to reach Woking’s SMEs and the decision-makers behind them; these were the targets that needed services promoted to them. It was also important to use the platform as a way of promoting current members and company partners. Thanks to our work, at least ten new businesses a week sign up to the Woking Works business directory and the company’s become the face of the Woking business community.

The Process

To complement our online work, Air Social produced a video to really help sell Woking Works to potential new members and to act as a centrepiece for their website. Every month we produce a newsletter that goes out to current members, and we have also assisted in subsidiary projects including the TEDx talks that their umbrella organisation, Woking Borough Council, hosts.

After three months with zero sales, Air Social took the reins of their TEDx campaign and within a week had managed to sell out all two hundred tickets. We used Eventbrite’s Facebook event connection tools which allowed us to push people to a Facebook event page where they could purchase a ticket directly. Utilising interest-based audiences and geo-targeting we were able to focus our target area on reaching people who were within travelling distance of the venue and had expressed a previous interest in TED. 

Currently, we are working with Woking Works to promote two new initiatives called NearSt and Too Good To Go who have the aim of bringing the high street back to life in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. We are in pre-production of videos to help support this campaign and are also producing social content and a digital marketing strategy to complement it. 

Overall, Woking Works has gone from a weak starting point to holding a dominant position in the market in a relatively short amount of time.