Search & Select

Search and Select is the number one recruitment agency on the Isle of Man, and they came to us to help them remain so! When we first approached the account, we found that Search and Select’s current marketing messages were inconsistent and received very little engagement, an issue we find with most companies struggling to navigate social media. A lack of engagement really limits the potential audiences that could be attracted to Search and Select’s recruitment services so it was important to change this for the better.

We took a look into Search and Select’s digital history to discover what had worked in the past and what hadn’t, we then researched the competition, and only then did we develop our own strategy. We felt it was important to make Search and Select’s social media content visually compelling and so our in-house team developed a range of bespoke graphics, animations and infographics to illustrate our social posting.

The Work

Primarily the social pages were to serve as a delivery system for Search and Select’s job postings, so we made sure to maintain consistent communication with their central office to guarantee that relevant jobs were being posted as and when they went live for applications. 

Due to the nature of the Isle of Man being a small island and a self-governing British Crown dependency (with a tiny population to match), part of our campaign was built around raising awareness of the island and attracting people to make the move to start a new life and career there.