Ionithermie is a unique anti-cellulite, figure-corrective and firming treatment that boasts the usage of 100% natural products and a worldwide fan base. 

It was an interesting subject matter to approach as cellulite is a source of grief for many women and not much bother to men. Our target audience was clear! Ionithermie wanted to celebrate and empower women by allowing them to regain self-confidence but it was also important that our messaging didn’t attract claims of hypocrisy – there we were promoting body-positivity whilst selling a corrective treatment. We made sure to keep this in the forefront of our mind when crafting content for them and it has gone down a treat with comment sections filled with positive, affirming messages and absent of criticism!

The Process

Our original strategy focused on making sure our messaging reached beauty salons, beauticians and fitness and wellness centres. We knew that these were the places where we would be able to source the most leads that could be converted into bulk and repeat sales. We managed this well but then coronavirus struck! We had to adapt our plan and adapt it fast. As customers could no longer go to salons and get their treatment done by professionals we focused on initiating conversations directly with product users. We reorientated our voice and started to share our best-loved self-care tips, introduced Ionithermies’s home products to the market, and directed people’s attention towards a more positive post-lockdown future. We ran with the overall theme of “customers could use these months while they were stuck at home to work on improving their future selves.”

During the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, we increased organic followers by 658 and social media page likes by 692 (a total of 1350!) with no paid-for advertising needed! 

Ionithermie is a French brand with a worldwide appeal. We were able to adapt to this and push out all of our English language content, translated into French. Depending on where the audience was in the globe, they would receive the content in the language that was relevant to them.