TedX Woking

Air Social stepped in to help Woking Borough Council when sales for the borough’s TEDx talks series stalled. A subsidiary of the world-famous TED talks, TEDx talks feature local speakers presenting to local audiences about everything from politics to pollination. 

Exasperated after three months of zero sales, Woking Borough Council handed us the reigns and we managed to secure sell-out ticket sales within one week thanks to a carefully-targeted social and digital marketing campaign. We continue to work with the council on its Woking TEDx programme, which for 2021 will be hosted virtually.


How we achieved success

There’s good reason targeted digital marketing works – it gets your message in front of those people most likely to engage with your brand. In this case, we focused on a local audience.

Digital Marketing

Utilising interest-based audiences and geo-targeting, we were able to focus our target area on reaching people who were within a short travelling distance of the venue and who had previously expressed an interest in TED.

Social Media

To reduce the chance of losing customers in an overly-complicated sales pipeline, we used Eventbrite’s Facebook event connection tools to push people to a Facebook event page, where they could purchase a ticket directly.