Near Street

One of the many projects Air Social has helped deliver for Woking Borough Council is a new initiative to encourage people back onto the local High Street. The council collaborated with NearSt, a retail technology start-up that helps retailers get the products on their shelves into Google, making it just as easy for consumers to find and buy something locally as it is to order it online.

This initiative is part of a wider love local campaign launched in partnership with Too Good To Go and the University of Surrey’s Business School to increase footfall in Woking and establish the town as a leading green local shopping destination.

How we achieved success

Air Social was tasked with helping the council to promote the partnership through a variety of digital and traditional marketing methods targeted at retail businesses who would benefit from signing up to the scheme and consumers who would be interested in downloading the app.  

Social Media

Via Woking Borough Council’s business channel, Working Works, Air Social delivered a social media marketing campaign specifically targeted to shops in the borough. This was fed across the Woking Works Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, the latter proving particularly successful with a five-fold month-on-month increase in post impressions/outreach.  


Air Social designed all the creative marketing collateral to accompany the campaign, from graphics for social media posts to digital flyers and creative assets for other channels within the council’s network, such as WeAreWoking, Woking Chambers and Woking Shopping.

Print PR, marketing and mentorship

While the focus of this campaign was on digital marketing, it’s important not to forget traditional forms of marketing, such as print PR and advertising. Air Social produced editorial and creative advertising for local publications, to reach those businesses and consumers who might not be social media.

As part of the partnership, Air Social is also providing mentorship to students at the University of Surrey, who as part of their business degree course have been looking at ways to market the NearSt and Too Good To Go initiatives.