Guildford College Group

Founded in 1939, Guildford College is a Surrey County Council funded establishment that caters to students aged 16+. In 2018 they were seeing low-interest in prospective students attending open days so Air Social jumped on board to help them advertise these better and to prime new applicants for conversion before they even attended.

Our job was twofold: find people who could potentially be interested in attending Guildford College and convince them to attend an open day where the admissions team could convert them. Now, when it comes to a child’s education the decision-makers are most often the parents, however, in the case of Guildford College we were dealing with children in their mid-to-late teens who would probably have some stake in the decision-making process. We made sure to target both groups. 

The Work

For each open day event, we set up a specific lead funnel and in every instance exceeded our targets and far surpassed the number of organic leads generated from Guildford College’s main website. Our work helped to inform applicants about the benefits the school provided and attracted them to attend an open day. This helped Guildford College to receive signups from individuals who already had their interest piqued and were primed for conversion.

Throughout the year 960 leads were generated for the school, a terrific result.