Astor Care & Nursing Agency was finding it challenging to recruit employees quickly enough to support its growing client numbers. They came to Air Social, not to sell its services but, instead, to help them in their hiring process.

It was an interesting task for us and something quite different from what our usual clients expect. Thankfully Astor Care had many unique selling points that could be harnessed to drive enquiries and sign-ups, including offering a higher pay bracket than its competitors and also excellent training courses. We worked with this information to target people we deemed to fall under our criteria. We made sure to tailor our targeted focus to not only find people who were interested in a job in care but also high-quality candidates that would maintain Astor’s reputation as a care agency.

On the front end side of things, we needed to appeal to customers and potential employees by portraying Astor Care as a company that offers a positive, friendly, caring environment for both clients and the people tending to them. Happy employees result in a much better experience for the people being cared for, and so it was a win-win all-round. 

Our success in this area led to us working with other Care Agencies, including Transform Homecare for whom we applied a similar strategy.