Improved Apps

Put simply, your website is the face of your company. It’s where people will undertake their research, compare your services, get a sense of your character and trustworthiness and ultimately is at the heart of the customer journey. For many businesses, their website has replaced their physical presence and is where their customer’s entire journey takes place. 

This was certainly the case for Improved Apps who approached Air Social needing to turn its website into an effective lead nurturing and conversion tool. The website was bloated, inconsistent and extremely content-heavy, and when you’re trying to convert leads, this is not a good approach! The website failed to serve as a measurable function within its new-client acquisition process.

In creating an effective website, it’s vital to understand the client, service offered, and the ideal audience. To better understand Improved Apps, we looked at its direct and indirect competitors, use cases and customer feedback. From this, we built an audit of their existing site and extracted the key information on their service and business ethos. We always find that spending time at the beginning of a project to simply listen, review and talk is a fantastic way of uncovering creative ideas and laying the building blocks for creating actionable, impactful websites.

The Process

We decided that a full refresh of the Improved Apps branding was required and our new brand guidelines provided a subtle identity off of which websites ideas and designs could be founded. We needed to showcase the features of Improved Apps’ service, so the design focused on showcasing bite-sized video content that demonstrated the product in action. The design also further highlighted the Improved Apps team’s experience and their dedication to delivering a personal service.

With the designs finalised, we then created a web draft to showcase a more interactive version of the site, and through an iterative process of development and feedback, we continued until the final product was ready for launch.


It was important to Improved Apps team that they could manage and update the content on the site without always needing to consult with us. Air Social provided a detailed post-launch training session along with a user guide to ensure the team were best equipped to manage their site.

Our web projects do not finish until you and your site are fully up and running. We worked with Improved Apps to identify and set up a new hosting environment to store their website on; this was cheaper, easier to manage, and more feature-rich than their previous set up.

The overall result? A fully optimised, professional website with a consistent brand identity that simplified processes and was received positively by customers and partners, all with advertising improvements that reduced budgets and converted leads.