The Rosé Wine Festival

At Air Social, we love being given the opportunity to get creative, and The Rosé Wine Festival afforded just that opportunity to us. We were tasked with designing not just a logo but an entire identity for the festival event, taking place in a major venue in West London. The key brand identity will be visible across multiple platforms including; website, social media, merchandising and print. Air Social would also build the website from scratch, making it optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. This would serve as a designated space for users to learn more about the festival and would provide a link to a ticket selling platform. The user journey was to be clear, the website to ticket sales with minimal distraction or fuss!

The design process

We delivered three initial ideas for the logos so that the client could have their say from the get-go. Once one was settled on, we continued to work on it finalising and developing it, creating a colour palette and font guide to complement it and producing assets and visuals for use on the website. All of this was accompanied by a clear and concise brand guidelines document that illustrated in context just how the logo should be displayed to maintain consistency across the board



They wanted the logo to represent the modern, fresh look and feel of the festival. What we came up with was an icon that resembled a wine glass but fit within these guidelines. It was made up of abstract shapes in the brand’s two core colours that resulted in instant brand recognition. Simplistic but satisfying.