Cheyney Goulding

Cheyney Goulding, a Guildford-based law firm, approached Air Social to help them establish a strong online presence that would communicate the value of their legal services effectively.

The first step was to identify how Cheyney Goulding’s target audience best engaged with their services online. Following this, improvements were made across the board, including changes to their website, social media presence and digital advertising strategy.

Cheyney Goulding’s existing website was refined to make it more navigable, and we also optimised it for mobile devices as this is where 50% of online traffic comes from. The old static layout, with its fiddly navigation tools, was thrown out and replaced with a user experience that offered visitors easier access to the desired information.

The Work

Air Social’s tailored lead generation and brand awareness campaigns were the finishing touch and included a focussed, targeted approach through Google Ads and Facebook. When people in Surrey were looking for a solicitor we wanted there to be one obvious choice: Cheyney Goulding.