Digital Marketing Agency In Surrey – Why Does Your Company Need One You Can Trust

Digital marketing agency in Surrey may be something you are searching for if you’re a business that doesn’t have the capacity in-house to fulfil your digital marketing requirements. That’s not just a question of having the right expertise: many companies simply don’t have the budget to keep marketing experts on the payroll on a full or even part-time basis.

Hiring an agency means you can access their skills and knowledge as and when you need them, so your marketing stays agile and fresh. More than that, and you don’t have the expense of paying for services when they aren’t required.

A Range Of Skills, From Social Media Marketing To Web Development And More

Digital marketing covers a huge range of skills, roles and tasks. It’s also an area that is evolving all the time as technology moves on. It is almost impossible for a single company that’s not a huge multi-national concern to maintain that broad array of knowledge and experience, as well as staying up to date with the latest trends.

What’s more, a creative agency in Guildford will have worked with many types of companies past and present, across a variety of different industries. This means they can also offer new perspectives and insight that your company may not have thought of; that equates to an ability to develop innovative and successful marketing techniques that will bring you greater results. Then, there’s the fact that you are likely to want different campaigns at different times of the year.

At Christmas, for instance, you may want a big drive on social media and paid advertising to increase awareness and sales. At other times of the year, you might want a rebrand, or a drive towards optimising your website for SEO. A digital marketing agency in Surrey has the flexibility – and the team of specialists – to draw in different areas of expertise depending on the needs of each particular campaign they carry out for you.

They also have the tools to track the progress, successes and less effective measures, so they can target their actions more effectively in future. All in all, hiring a digital marketing agency in Guildford brings a host of benefits you couldn’t otherwise achieve without spending a great deal more time and money.

Digital Marketing Agency Surrey

Specific Areas An Agency Might Cover, Such As Web Development In Surrey

So, those are the overarching reasons why hiring an external agency will work for your company. What about the particular areas that they might concentrate on? One highly popular starting point is web development in Surrey. Most businesses nowadays have a website, naturally. But is yours working for you? Many companies mistakenly think that their websites are there to showcase their products or services; or as an advert for their company. Of course, there’s an element of both these things. But at heart, your website is there to speak directly to your target audiences. It’s there to identify prospective customers’ needs and meet them as clearly and concisely as possible.

Your web visitors will come from many different sources, from generic Google searches to directed traffic from social media, for example. But they all want a particular problem addressing, whether that’s finding more information, evaluating whether your product or service is right for them, or making a purchase. That means you need help in determining where your visitors are coming from, what they’re looking for, and then solving their problem.

A talented web development agency in Surrey can assess the information you provide about your company and analytics coming from your website to find out where it’s currently lacking. They can then use a variety of tools from SEO to functionality, video, animation and smart copywriting, to ensure that your website’s design, structure and content addresses your visitors’ queries. This makes it easy for visitors to take the next step; and that transforms them from mere visitors to warm prospects.

What Will A Digital Marketing And Social Media Agency In Surrey Do For You?

There are many aspects to digital marketing, some or all of which can help you achieve your marketing goals. Having got to know your company and its aims for its marketing, your chosen digital marketing agency in Surrey should draw up a strategy that is tailored to your specific objectives. It should take into account your budget for the work and plan to use the money allocated effectively.

What specific channels are included in the work will depend on what you are trying to achieve, by when and with what resources. But the kinds of workstreams you may find included are social media advertising and management; digital advertising, whether paid for or organic; content marketing and SEO; and, as mentioned above, website development.

Theme that should be ongoing throughout any campaign or wider strategy should be measurement, optimisation and reporting, so that you can see what your return on investment is and how each subsequent campaign or tactic can be tweaked or fine-tuned to ensure you are maximising that. It’s worth reiterating that, if you are looking for an agency to deliver on digital marketing, you should be looking for one that covers the widest possible array of services. A social media agency in Surrey may be terrific at what they do in terms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for instance. However, having access to a broader approach using more tools, like PPC, email marketing, branding and print marketing, is more likely to deliver long-lasting, profitable results. One company that offers full-service marketing is Air Social Digital Marketing.

Air Social Digital Marketing Is A Transparent, Tailored And Effective Digital Marketing Agency In Surrey

Based in Guildford, but operating across Surrey and beyond, our team at Air Social Digital Marketing is hugely knowledgeable and experienced. We’re not just any digital marketing agency in Surrey: we’re one with a constantly growing range of digital capabilities that can help you to continue to grow your business.

Our services include social media, Google Ads, PR, branding, design, web development, SEO and content management, as well as digital marketing tools that will help you stay ahead of the game. To get started, see more about our services on our website at Then, when you’re ready, call for a chat about what your business needs on 01483 789 434, use the contact form on the website or email us at

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