This morning we awoke to some unpleasant emails and comments on our social media channels accusing us of ‘shilling’ based on a post on the popular site Reddit. 

We do not know or have ever employed anyone by the name Joe Mamr and we do not know why someone of that name is posing as us and contacting Redditors asking them to carry out an action we consider morally reprehensible. 

We categorically do not engage in paying social media users to post comments or in any way try to manipulate online communities through ‘shilling’.

While we firmly believe social media can be a force for good, this incident, unfortunately, shines a light on the dark side of online communities where companies and individuals can be attacked and sent death threats based on a single post with no supporting evidence. 

Thank you to those Reddit users who have defended us pointing out that there needs to be some proof before making baseless accusations and those individuals who have reached out to let us know about the thread in question. 

We ask that anyone who has posted a negative comment or review or sent us a nasty email take a moment to reflect on their actions and the impact they have on a small business.

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